The 12 Main Reasons To Use
Equity Release!!..

We Break Down The 12 Main Reasons To Use Equity Release............

The main reasons to use equity release vary from client to client due to their individual needs and circumstances.

pay off credit cards

Paying Off Credit Cards

My clients have utilised lifetime mortgage borrowing to repay high interest cost credit cards in the correct circumstances and with full advice provided by Craig Oliver.

home retention

Home Retention

Clients have utilised a lifetime mortgage at the point their current mortgage expired.  In some cases this option secured the clients security in their home for the rest of their life.

Equity Release Advisor Leeds

Home Improvements

You can use a lifetime mortgage to complete an extension, add an orangery roof, update the home for the rest of your life or even adapt a living area for long term care.


Dream holidays

You can use a lifetime mortgage to enjoy holidays every year by using a drawdown lifetime mortgage option.

wooden house

Purchasing A New Property

Did you know you can use a lifetime mortgage to purchase a more valuable home and use the lifetime mortgage as deposit funds to enable the purchase.

wooden lodge

Purchase A Holiday Home

You can use a lifetime mortgage to purchase a holiday home or log cabin.  Just so you know some lenders will permit a lifetime mortgage security on a holiday home or second home at the same time as your main residence.

black mercedes

Dream Car

As car leasing costs in retirement can be a burden on your disposable income, a lifetime mortgage could just buy you the car you wish to use and leave you with more income.


Assisting Children And Family Deposits

A lifetime mortgage is a great way to help a family member upsize or even get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder.

happy older couple

Enjoy Retirement Stress Free

You can utilise a lifetime mortgage to provide income,  future drawdown capital and provide peace of mind and financial security.  Please remember the lifetime mortgage funds are provided to you tax free.

inheritance tax sign

Inheritance Tax Planning

You can utilise a lifetime mortgage as part of an effective inheritance tax strategy.  You should always take advice regarding inheritance tax planning.  Some of my clients have legally gifted funds to their family as part of their own strategy with the correct financial advice.

pay off loans or mortgages

Paying Off Any Existing Loans Or Mortgages

A lifetime mortgage can be a great tool to repay a repayment mortgage or even to repay an interest only mortgage.  With the correct advice this could just be the route for you, please call us to discuss whether this is the correct option.

give it to charity

Providing Capital To A Charity

A lifetime mortgage can be utilised to assist a charity.  I had a client borrow from a lifetime mortgage to assist their chosen charity as leaving an inheritance to family was not important to them.

reasons to use equity release

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